Photo: Buffalo National River in Arkansas -- Photograph by Joy Brown's brother, Wayne Neal

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      The Ozark Uncle is devoted to the concept that many books and publications are more useful if converted to a digital format like Adobe's PDF technology. In most cases, he has been able to make the PDF files word searchable. By this, he means that one can enter a word in the "Find" icon, and all occurences of that word will be identified throughout that document. The files are readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or newer. Most computers already have a reader installed; if not the newest Reader can be downloaded for free from

William King

William Rufus Devane King (b. 1789 -- d. 1853) was the 13th Vice President of the United States serving only six weeks before his death ended his term. Reproduced here in PDF digital form is Martins' almost 400-page thesis which he wrote as "partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of History" at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Only a couple of copies of this thesis seem to be available, and I was glad to be able to scan it for public domain use.

Hartley Book

2014 -- Ira and Minta Hartley's Family -- 2014 Edition

Completed in November 2014, the Ira and Minta Hartley Family book is provided here in digital format. A hard back full-color version of the book may be ordered from

Silvey Diary

1924 -- "My School Life" Diary of Florence (Silvey) Garrison (98 pages)
Florence Silvey was born in 1907 at Ava, Missouri. She entered the first grade in Ava Schools in 1913 and graduated from Ava High School in 1924. In this 98 page booklet, Florence documented her schooling and many of her social activities in this old school album. After college, Florence returned to Ava, married Neal Garrison in 1931, and went on for many decades teaching English to hundreds of Ava high school students. She was a favorite of so many of her students. In my personal reading of the Album, Florence appeared to have created a historical document for others to read, not a personal one. If the reader should find something in the album that might be too personal, please contact the Ozark Uncle by email so it can be redacted.

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Herald Excerpts

1887-1899 -- Dr. Brown's Excerpts of the Douglas County (MO) Herald (157 Pages)
     My personal fascination with the old issues led to the preparation of this volume of excerpts more than 10 years ago. Almost all the excerpts were obtained from two pages of each issue--the editorial page and the local news page. During those early years, the remainder of the paper was filled with “ready print,” i.e., state and national news that was funneled to the paper from outside the county. I chose not to make excerpts from such non-county news items because of their availability from sources.
      Initially, this volume started out as a set of notes for my personal interests in the commercial, educational, and entertainment histories of the county as well as my own family history (Brown, Hartley, Morris, Gunnels, Johnson, Honeycutt, and Lakey). Along the way, I transcribed excerpts for my nieces and nephews who have ancestors within the following families--Sell, Elliott, Durham, Goodnight, Hamby, Ingram, and Potter. As the pages of notes mounted, I realized that others might benefit from the excerpts; thus the idea of this document

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