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The computer age has allowed family historians like the Ozark Uncle to preserve old family photos and materials in digital form, and then to include them in family presentations that can be shared with others. Over the past several years, the Ozark Uncle, with his cousin and historian, Cinita (Davis) Brown, to prepare such materials. Family members who were able to receive the materials have always enjoyed them. Thus, the purpose of this particular page is to distribute these materials to others. All of the materials are in Adobe .pdf format that can be viewed on any computer with an Adobe Reader installed. The Reader can be downloaded for free from Either click on one of the images or the article titles to view any of them.

2019 Davis Brown Tour

On October 26, 2019, descendants of Jesse G. Brown and John T. Davis gathered in Ava,MO, and completed a driving tour south of Ava and stopped at the places where many of their ancestors lived. A 32-page handout was compiled by Cinita Davis Brown and Ken Brown as a tour guide. A PDF of the handout is provided here.

Along with the 32 page tour guide, attendees of teh October 26, 2019, auto tour were given copies of these family photo and family tree pages.

Logan Brown died on April 12, 2018, at the age of 92. But before his death, Logan's wife of 65 years, Cinita Davis Brown, and her Davis-side cousin, Ken Brown, began planning a photo essay as a tribute to Logan. Printed copies of this 15-page document was handed out at his funeral in Ava on April 16, 2018. Click on the image at left to download the tribute.

2013 - C. Dean Davis
Cinita (Davis) Brown, Lee Guthery, and Ken Brown collaborated on this tribute to Dean Davis who passed away August 21, 2013, at the age of 87. He was Lee's uncle and a first cousin to Cinita and to Ken's mother, Kiree (Hartley) Brown. Dean's parents were Annie (Gunnels) and Enoch Davis. This tribute was passed out at Dean's funeral and at the family dinner that followed his burial.

Tom Brown

2013 - Thomas G. Brown
Cinita (Davis) Brown and Ken Brown collaborated on this tribute to Cinita's nephew and Ken's second cousin, Tom Brown of Goodhope MO. Tom passed away on April 5, 2013. Besides a wonderful song writer and singer, Tom was a family man who was present at almost every annual Davis-Brown reunion in Ava, MO. This tribute was passed out at the family dinner that followed Tom's funeral on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

2011 - Lulu Brown Shrum
The Ozark Uncle's grandparents, "Uncle Jim" and "Aunt Mel" Brown had 12 children. Lulu was the last of the children to pass away (in 2006) and is buried at Lowry City, MO. Aunt Lulu's daughters, Nancy Carrell of Bolivar MO and Sue Storm of Overland Park KS provided this narrative about their mother. My role was photos and layout. This tribute was passed out to attendees at the 2011 Davis-Brown Reunion in Ava, MO.
Barbara Davis Mitchell

2010 - Barbara Davis Mitchell
Cinita (Davis) Brown and the Ozark Uncle collaborated on this tribute to their cousin, Barbara Davis, who passed away in 2006. Because Cinita and Barbara classmates in high school, she was able to bring a personal touch to the narrative that accompanies this tribute. This tribute was passed out to attendees at the 2010 Davis-Brown Reunion in Ava, MO.
Gerry Davis Hailey

2009 - Geraldine Davis Hailey
Cinita (Davis) Brown and Ken Brown collaborated on this tribute to their cousin, Gerry Davis Hailey on her passing in 2009. She was a beautiful person who was a key part of our yearly Davis-Brown reunions. This tribute was passed out at the family dinner that followed Gerry's funeral at the Ava (MO) United Methodist Church.

Gene Davis

2008 - Gene Davis
Ken Brown, the Ozark Uncle, pulled this photo tribute together for his cousin, Gene Davis, who passed away in 2008. Ken had interviewed Gene in the prior year about the history of the Davis Bros. Tire Co. of which Gene was an integral part. This provided materials on which to base this photo tribute.

2007 Reunion

2007 - Davis-Brown Reunion Handout
Each page displays the photos of the following ancestor groups:

  • Jesse G. Brown
  • John T. Davis
  • James Lihu Brown
  • Isaac Brown


Wilma Davis Flynn

2007 - Wilma Davis Flynn
Cinita (Davis) Brown and the Ozark Uncle worked together on this tribute. Right after Wilma passed away, Cinita and Wilma's daughter, Nancy, pulled together several photos from Wilma's collection; Cinita wrote the narrative; and the Ozark Uncle did the layout (all of this was done in less than 36 hours).

Herman Davis

2007 - Herman Davis
Ken Brown, the Ozark Uncle, prepared this photo essay to his cousin, Herman Davis, on his passing in 2007. Ken and Herman had worked closely on a history of the Citizens Bank of Ava for which Herman had served as President for many years. When Herman passed away, Ken took the materials already in his possession to create this little tribute.

Annie Davis

2002 - Laura Annie Davis
Janie Guthery McMullin wrote the narrative to tribute, and the Ozark Uncle provided the layout for it. Annie Gunnels Davis died in 2002, the last living child of Wm. Nick & Sarah (Johnston) Gunnels.


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