Photo: Buffalo National River in Arkansas -- Photograph by Joy Brown's brother, Wayne Neal

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Aunt Joy's Untitled Book--Pat & Annie Neal's Story
Work-In-Progress as of July 2016


July 9, 2016 UPDATE --Drafts of Chapter 1, 2, 3-Part 1, 3-Part 2, and 6 were
linked to this page today. Just click on a link below and the chapter will load.
Either overlook the grammatical errors in these early drafts or,
even better, tell us about what you find.

Ken & Joy (Neal) Brown and Joy's brother, Wayne Neal, are the authors for a book-in-progress that we're calling "Aunt Joy's Untitled Book" at the moment. Collection of materials and preparation of narratives and illustrations has been going on through most of 2015. Presently, in 2016, the authors are writing the narrative and choosing photos and exhibits to go in the chapters. When completed, the authors will publish the book as a 8-1/2" x 11" hardback & a perfect bound book using Lulu Publishing Company's print-on-demand technology.

See Ken's Hartley book on another page that was published and printed using the Lulu approach in November 2014. The Hartley book was built much as this one will be--early drafts will be put online for interested readers to enjoy.

This page contains the latest drafts created by the authors. The date of the latest draft will appear behind each chapter title.


BOOK 1 -- AUNT JOY'S UNTITLED BOOK--Pat & Annie Neal's Story

Ch 1--Introduction (Updated 7/9/2016)

Ch 2--From the Carolinas They Did Come (Updated 7/9/2016)

Ch 3--Tom Neel Crosses the "Washita."

Ch 4--Hempstead County's Evans Family (Status 7/9/2016 Writings of Edith Kniffin & Magdalene Collums to be transcribed, and family members being contacted).

Ch 5--Lives of Annie and Pat Cross at Crossroads (Status 7/9/2016 First draft written & exhibits selected. No layout work completed).

Ch 6--Economic Depression and Illness Force a Move (Updated 7/9/2016)

Ch 7--Pioneers of Pemiscot--1936-1951 (Status 7/9/2016 First draft being written & exhibits/photos being selected).

Ch 8--Retirement in Pascola--1951-1962 (Status 7/9/2016 First draft written & photos being selected).

Ch 9--Pemiscot County--Places and People (Status 7/9/2016 Photos selected, no layout work completed).

Ch 10--Pascola Missouri (Status 7/9/2016 Photos selected, no layout work completed

Pat & Annie's Children--

Ch 11--Ina Louise (Neal) Bryeans

Ch 12--Lois (Neal) Bryeans

Ch 13--Margaret (Neal) Stewart

Ch 14--Samuel Wesley Neal

Ch 15--Wayne Hunter Neal

Ch 16--Patricia Elaine (Neal) Harp

Ch 17--Joy Ann (Neal) Brown


Ch 1--Introduction

Ch 2--Family Trees

Ch 3--NEAL--Descendants of Thomas Neal of South Carolina

Ch 4--EVANS--Descendants of John Evans of North Carolina

Ch 5--ADAMS--Descendants of Thomas B. Adams of North Carolina

Ch 6--BLAKE--Descendants of Samuel Parsons Blake of North Carolina



Joy's Book



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