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by Kenneth W. Brown and Barbara (Hartley) Wilbert, Editors
(Updated December 2017)


This 201-page book was published in November 2014 and may be obtained from online publisher, The hardback full-color version may be purchased at for $49.21, the authors' cost. A perfect bound black and white version may be purchased at for $12.07 (again, the authors' cost). In addition, the contents of the book is provided below for free. It is our desire to share family history, not make money off of it.
      The book is dedicated to the lives and descendant families of Ira & Mintia (Gunnels) Hartley of Douglas County in the southern Missouri Ozarks. In 1910, Ira Hartley and Mintia Gunnels married in western Douglas County, a few miles west of the county seat of Ava. The first part of the book focuses on the couple’s marriage, parents and siblings. The book explains how the couple worked to build a good farming life on Williams Hollow where their children were raised and went on to built their own families.


Opening Pages
Ch 1 Introduction to the Hartley Family History
Ch 2 Overview of Hartley Family History
Ch 3 Ira and Minta’s Story—Part 1 Williams Hollow through 1929
Ch 4 Ira and Minta’s Story—Part 2 Williams Hollow after 1929

Ch 5 Mildred Kiree Hartley, First Born (1911)
    5.1 Evelyn Marie Brown
    5.2 Janalea Brown
    5.3 Iris Ann Brown
    5.4 James Wendell Brown
    5.5 Kenneth Wayne Brown

Ch 6 William Lawrence Hartley, Second Born (1915)
   6.1 Marion Leon Hartley
   6.2 Michael Leon Hartley
   6.3 Edward Alwin Hartley
   6.4 Dayton Lawrence Hartley
   6.5 Virgil Wayne Hartley
   6.6 Johnny Carl Hartley
   6.7 Susan Laura Hartley
   6.8 Stephen William Hartley
   6.9 Richard David Hartley
   6.10 Barbara Lynn Hartley

Ch 7 Eldon Leon Hartley,Third Born (1920)
   7.1 Raymond Leon Hartley
   7.2 Jerry Lee Hartley
   7.3 Gary Dean Hartley

Ch 8 Dochia Levon Hartley, Fourth Born (1926)
   8.1 Beverly Sue Luttrell
   8.2 Danny Joe Luttrell

Ch 9 Photos from Family Gatherings

Book Cover



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