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The Andrew HARTLEY Resource Collection Project

Andrew J. Hartley and his new wife, Anne, migrated from Williamson County TN, 1839 to the present site of Seymour MO in Webster County Counting a daughter that he left in Tennessee, Andrew would have 12 children. This page has been created to display information that has been collected about Andrew and his children over the years. If you have materials to contribute, please email them to Nell Beckman, the leader of this project or to Kenneth Brown, who is the Ozark Uncle.


Andrew J. Hartley


Andrew J. Hartley -- born 23 Nov 1812 - died 20 Jan 1884

OUTSTANDING RESEARCH QUESTION: Was Andrew's middle name "Joseph" or "Jackson." Does anyone have conclusive evidence? A page from the undated "Denney Family History" listed Andrew's middle name as Joseph.

Links to information on Andrew will be placed in this space.

Biographies, land patent documents, bible records, affidavits, photos, and burial sites.

Need to put a link to his descendant chart here.


Andrew J. Hartley's Children

Lourena (Hartley) Perkins -- born ca 1834-37

This is a daughter by Andrew's first wife who was left in Tennessee when Andrew migrated to Missouri in 1839.



William L. Hartley -- born 10 Mar 1840 -- died 14 April 1921

OUTSTANDING RESEARCH QUESTION: Was William's middle name "Levi?"

William Hartley Civil War Booklet, submitted by Nell Hartley Beckman, Texarkana, TX, will be linked here when she has made some changes.

Chapter 2: Overview of Hartley Family History (from the book "Ira and Mintia's Hartley's family book."), submitted by Kenneth Brown and Barbara (Hartley) Wilbert.




Jane (Hartley) Hammons Ratledge -- born 10 Mar 1841 -- died 22 May 1911

Information from Pam Smith on the Ratledge family line.

Copies of land transactions signed by Jane including her homestead with her first husband, William Hammons.



Laban Hartley -- born 13 May 1842 -- died 2 Aug 1933

Laban's daughter, Margaret, married Oliver Henderson Gentry. Need to look into the Gentry family history.



Rachel (Hartley) Garrison -- born 15 Aug 1843 -- died before 1885?

Materials and photos from Glen Hartley and from Rena Bresser (Garrison researcher) to be linked here.



Elizabeth (Hartley) Allen -- born 11 Jan 1844 -- died 26 May 1935

Photos and materials obtained from Maurice Allen, Elizabeth's great-grandson, to be linked here.



Reuben/Reubin Hartley -- born 27 Sep 1845 -- died 27 May 1935

This is Elmo Hartley's line. June 2016 letter from Nell Beckman will go to Elmo's two daughters: Reba Williams and Shirley Mason.



Anderson Hartley -- born 21 Jan 1847 -- died 12 Jun 1919

This is Glen Hartley's line. His materials will be linked here.



Marion Hartley -- born 26 Jan 1848 -- died 17 Aug 1908

Marion's wife was Mary Ann Shelton--need to find Shelton descendants.

This is Cloin Robertson's line. Marion's daughter, Lilly Hartley Gentry was Cloin's grandmother.

This is Sally Taylor's line. Marion's daughter, Myrtle Hartley Daily, was Sally's grandmother.



Martha Ann (Hartley) Shelton -- born 7 Aug 1849 -- died 8 Feb 1916

Martha and her husband, Francis Marion Shelton, had several children, some of who died and are buried in Douglas County MO--as for Marion Hartley above, neee to find Shelton descendants.




John Hartley -- b 1850 -- died unknown

Glen Hartley has searched for this child.


Madison Hartley -- born 1851 - died unknown

Glen Hartley has searched for this child.


Andrew's Grandchildren (Space provided as submissions come in)

Ira Hartley

David Ira Hartley (son of William L. Hartley) -- born 22 Aug 1889 - died 2 Oct 1929

Chapter 3: Ira & Mintia's Story (from the book "Ira and Mintia's Hartley's family book."), submitted by Kenneth Brown and Barbara (Hartley) Wilbert.


Joel Edward Hartley (son of William L. Hartley) -- born 7 May 1893 - died 14 Apr 1979

Buried in Ritter Cemetery, Douglas County MO

Grandfather of Nell (Hartley) Beckman and Janice (Hartley) Marcantonio.






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