Photo: Buffalo National River in Arkansas -- Photograph by Joy Brown's brother, Wayne Neal

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As a family research or book project goes through its various stages of development, there are times when the results need to be put online for interested parties to view. Current projects are listed below with links a separate site for each project. All of the materials are in Adobe .pdf format that can be viewed on any computer with an Adobe Reader installed. The Reader can be downloaded for free from

Andrew's Stone

HARTLEY -- Andrew HARTLEY Resource Collection Project

Andrew J. Hartley and his new wife, Anne, migrated from Williamson County TN, 1839 to the present site of Seymour MO in Webster County Counting a daughter that he left in Tennessee, Andrew would have 12 children. This page has been created to display information that has been collected about Andrew and his children over the years. If you have materials to contribute, please email them to Nell Beckman, the leader of this project or to Kenneth Brown, who is the Ozark Uncle.

Joy's Book

NEAL -- Pat & Annie NEAL Family Book Project

Ken & Joy (Neal) Brown and Joy's brother, Wayne Neal, are the authors for a book-in-progress that we're calling "Aunt Joy's Untitled Book" at the moment. Collection of materials and preparation of narratives and illustrations has been going on through most of 2015. Presently, in 2016, the authors are writing the narrative and choosing photos and exhibits to go in the chapters. When completed, the authors will publish the book as a 8-1/2" x 11" hardback & a perfect bound book using Lulu Publishing Company's print-on-demand technology.

BROWN -- Jim & Mel BROWN Family Project (Site under construction)

Jim and Mel Brown are the Ozark Uncle's paternal grandparents. They had 12 children, and the Ozark Uncle has amassed a collection of old photos for 11 of the 12 children. A minor child, Vernie, died in the 1918 flu epidemic and no pictures survive of him. The Ozark Uncle hopes to provide photo essays for the over 11 children, and the drafts will be shown here as they are created.

GUNNELS -- Nick & Sarah GUNNELS Family Project (Site under construction)




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